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 H=Hammenhög(SW-Weibulls) DG(HSC)= Doug Grant   PI=USDA  Pep&Max=Gatersleben  GN(HSC)=Garth Neal  V=Victor   L=Loy   Welbaum GM=George Moriarty JS=Johnny's Selected Seeds  Lock=Lockhart Seeds, Inc.  HU=Hungnong  R=Rogers/NK(Syngenta).   Peto (Seminis). SAKATA. TAKII. Rupp. Harris Seeds. Stokes. Hollar  Seeds by Design(SbD)  Siegers. HarrisMoran(HM)   A&C=Abbott&Cobb   Mikado Kyowa(Kyowa)  Terranova(Ter) Gautier Semences (GS) NE Seed(NE) Clemente (Cl). Enza Zaden (EZ) Semenco AB (se) PanAm (PA)

This is a list of lines that are to be tested or they have been tested.(20190518). Some lines might not be available and some new ones might be on the way.*=F1 Hybrids



Cucurbita pepo



Blackjack (Peto): 54 days, 18-20 cm, very dark green, cylindrical, smooth fruit; plants-upright, vigorous, good cover; one of the darkest hybrids available in the market. Excellent quality.  Zucchini Hybrid and grows well in Sweden.



Ambassador (Peto). 51 Days; 18-20 cm, Medium green, beautiful waxy appearance, fruit cylindrical extremely smooth; Plant-compact bush, open habit easy picking; High-quality fruit, yields over long season.  Zucchini Hybrid and grows well in Sweden.



Black Zucchini (K):  OP, grows well in Sweden.



Caserta (H): Delikatesspumpa Caserta, Squash, Zuchetti, utan rankor, frukterna är mörkgröna med ljusa strimmor och bör skördas då de är ca 15 cm långa. 50 to 55 days; Fruit size at harvest: 6" to 8"; Fruit shape: Cylindrical slightly tapered towards stem end; Rind: Greyish green, Streaked and mottled darker green; Flesh: Creamy white; Plant type: Bush medium large, Plant type: Bush; medium large. Open. Large, deeply cut leaves.  An early, vigorous and productive variety for local market, shipping and home garden use.



Goldrush F1 (H) (P): 49 days; 18-20 cm, deep gold on a rich green stem, fruit-straight, uniform, cylindrical; Plant-upright open for easy harvest; Superior quality fruit. Golden zucchini hybrid. AAS winner.



Early Yellow Summer Crookneck . Small yellow with crooked neck. Tasty summer squash. Grows very well in Sweden.!



Early Prolific Straightneck(Seneca) (JS) :51 days. High yielding yellow straightneck. The standard yellow straightneck summer squash. The fruits are pale yellow with light green stems. A consistent high yielder for both first and total pick., does well.



Sunburst(H):50 days; 2-1/2 to 3"; fruit shape: deep scallop with medium fluting, rind: bright yellow soft, flesh: creamy white; Plant: compact bush 2-1/2' x 2-1/2', open. Award winner because of its earliness, productivity and unique color-the first hybrid yellow scalloped squash on the market. Skin is soft with a dark green "Sunburst" pattern at both blossom and stem ends, firm center.  Flavor is delicate and buttery.  Fruits are held upright by strong stems, this maturing off the ground, improving total yield. Does well in Sweden.



Mandan (USDA) 99 small flat round green or yellow & white ornam.



Cocozelle  (SbD) (Lock); 45 to 50 days; 8" x a-1/4" when mature; Fruit shape: straight cylindrical; Rind: Striped smooth thin; Flesh: Greenish white, fine textured,  Plant type: bush. Used as a summer squash, the bush type plant produces fruit which are striped light and dark green, turning green and orange at full maturity.  Edible in 45 to 50 days, fully mature in 120 days.  Does well in Sweden .



Peter Pan (H) (Peto): 52 days; 6-8 cm; Light green, fruit-medium scallop; Plant-medium bush, open habit; Good yielder, refined, deep scallop. AAS winner.



Scallopini (Peto): 52 days; 6-8 cm, medium dark green, fruit-deep scallop with medium fluting; Plant Medium large bush, open habit; Extremely flavorful squash, nutlike flavor. AAS winner. Does well in Sweden.



Patty Green Tint (MB)(Peto): 52 days; 6-8 cm, light, uniform green, Fruit-scallop, small blossom end scar; Plant-medium bush, open habit; Home garden or commercial.



Pattison (M). (Lock) Scallop, Early White Bush: 60 days. A flattened scallop type with creamy white color when mature. Poular for home gardens and roadside stands.. Fruit Size at Harvest 2½“ x 7“. Shape is flat scalloped. Rind: Pale green-white, turning white at maturity. Flesh is creamy white. Plant is a bush type.  Does well in good season.



Sun Drops Hybrid (NK) (BM): 50 days; Fruit size at harvest: 2"; Fruit shape: Oval; Rind: Yellow; Flesh: Creamy light yellow, Plant type: Compact bush.  1990    A.A.S. winner! It is a unique miniature oval-shaped summer squash.  It is creamy yellow in color and best when harvested very young with the blossom still attached or up to 2 inches across when the skin is still tender.  The small compact bush is very productive when pick consistently.  And excellent variety for home gardens. Does well in good season.



Baby Pam  (M) (BM) (Lock): 100 days. A perfect selection for pie pumpkin sales or as a give away. The fruit are uniform, with long, tightly secured “handles“. The vigorous 10 to 12 foot vines produce a heavy crop of a dozen or more quality fruit per plant, with a smooth skin which is ideal for painting or for decoration. Fruit size is 5 X 5½“ and very uniform. The skin color is a deep orange and smooth. The flesh color is deep orange. Grow well in Sweden, usually better than Baby Bear.



Vegetable Marrow (H) bush. White Bush. Does well.



Spaghetti Tivoli (Sakata)(K) bush (MB). Does well but susceptible to mildew.



Lång Gul Märg (Marrow)  (H) vine: Långsträcka, ovala frukter med litet kärnhus och ljusgult kött.  Utmärkt syltpumpa.



Vegetable Spaghetti (H) (M) (JS): 88 days Yellow, spaghetti-like flesh. Skin is ivory changing to pale yellow at maturity. Bake like squash or boil and fork out the flesh, topping the “spaghetti“ with your favorite sauce. 3-5 lbs oblong fruit. Avg. Yield: 4-5 fruits/plant.    vine.  Does well.



Table Ace (Peto): 70 days; 13-15 cm, Dark(black-green), fruit-full acorn, rounded ribs, blunted blossom end; Plant-semi-bush; Very flavorful, good storage.  Does well in good season.



Cream of the Crop(F1) (BM) (K) (JS): 90 days. Ivory white acorn type. Attractive 2-3 lb. fruits, semi-bush plants. Its creamy colored flesh is nutty but not sweet, best adapted to recipes using seasonings and/or sweeteners. For specialty markets. Avg. yield: 4-5 fruits/plant. White acorn.  Does well in good season.



Table King (NK) (BM) (Lock): 75-80 days. True acorn squash with bush plant habit. Excellent flavor which improves in storage. Widely adapted. Excellent for home gardens where space is limited. 6" x 5" dia 1½ lbs. Fruit shape is acorn, ridged, pointed at blossom end. Rind is dark Greyish green, smooth, thin and hard. Flesh is yellow-orange, thick and tender. Plant is a bush type.  Hybrid Acorn. Does well in most seasons.



Rolet   Zimbabwe  Small round green edible gourd like Little Gem. Does well in most seasons.



Culabasa    PI 311103 Guatemala.  Good as an ornamental.  Does well.



Early Sugar Pie (JS): 105 days. The classic New England pie pumpkin. Variable small sized, avg. 5-7lbs. dark, orange-skinned pumpkins. Although not as sweet as squash, the well-colored, orange flesh is relatively starch, dry, and stringless. The best of the mini-Jack O'Lantern types for pies..  Does well in good season. 3483/lb (JS)



Jack-o-lantern  110 days: Smaller and more uniform than Connecticut Field. Its deeper shape makes this variety very popular for Halloween decoration. Can be used for pie. Size can be 8-12“ X 8“ dia, deep globe with flattened ends. Weight about 10 lbs not usually this large in Sweden. Skin color is medium orange and the skin is smooth with slight ribbing. Flesh color is deep yellow and the flesh is medium thick with a large seed cavity.  Does well in good season.



Connecticut Field Pumpkin (Lock).(BM) (JS): 110 days. The traditional large Halloween pumpkin. Makes bright orange, slight ribbed fruits in assorted sizes and shapes, in the 15-25 lb. and up range.  Does well in most seasons.



Wies styriaca (Naked seed) (M).  Needs long warm season for seed development.



Zappola Angola  Argentina.  Vine.  Can produce a large like Zucchini type.  Does well in most seasons.



Spirit  (Peto): 98 days; Fruit-30 X 36 cm, 4-5 kg., orange; Rind-Dark orange, fairly smooth, ribbed; Plant-semi-bush; AAS winner. Very uniform fruit, produce a short runner after fruit set.  Does well in warm long season. 3,000s/lbs



Out of production - Trick or treat  (Peto): 105 days; Fruit-28 X 36, 4-5 kg., orange; Rind-dark orange, fairly smooth, ribbed; Plant-semi-bush; Good carver, naked seeded, produces a short runner after fruit set.  Does well in long season.



Baby Bear(H) (JS) Baby Bear is a unique size and shape, and has bee called “the perfect mini-pumpkin“ by growers. Deep orange 1½-2½ lb. Fruits, about half the size of a normal pie pumpkin. With slender, sturdy, easy-to-grip handles, they are very appealing to children. One of the Baby Bear’s parents was New England Pie and the other was a small “naked“ seed pumpkin; so in addition to its decorative use, the flesh is good for pies and the semi-hulless seeds are good for toasted snacks. The yield potential is high, with an average of about 8 pumpkins per vine. The fruits have very good storage quality. For home garden, roadside stands, farmers markets, and shipping in cartons.  Small pumpkin for ornamental.  Does well.  On market in Sweden.



Jack-be-little (M) (BM) (JS) (Hollar) 95 days. The tiniest pumpkin. These charming little flattened, ribbed orange pumpkins are only 3" in diameter. Although very sweet fleshed for cooking, They are most appealing in fall table decorations. Children are entranced by Jack Be Little and may enjoy growing their own. Also a good specialty item for farm stands and the florist trade.  Small edible ornamental pumpkin. Needs long season.



Munchkin   NZ (BM) (Lock): 100 days. This high-yield miniature pumpkin with its attractive appearance should add lots of sales appeal to roadside stands. The 3-4“ fruits are slight flattened with a scalloped bright orange skin. Munchkin makes a very nice item for fall decoration--and adds even more interest when carved. Size 3-4“ flattened scalloped. Weight is up to ¼ lbs. Skin color is orange and the flesh is orange-yellow.  Small pumpkin.  Needs long warm season.



Little Bo (BM).(Lock): 105 days. A unique white-skinned pumpkin developed especially for decorating. Fruit averages 6-8“ in diameter with a smooth, hard rind for easy painting. Size is 6-8“ and weighs 5-7 lbs. Skin color is white and the skin is smooth and hard.. Flesh color is deep orange and the flesh is thick and firm. White pumpkin.  Does well in good seasons.



Sweet Dumpling (BM) (JS): 100 days. Sweet, single-serving size. Small 4" diameter, teacup shaped fruits. It has the ivory color and dark green stripes of Delicata, but in a round flat-topped shape and dainty, single serving size. Very sweet, tender orange flesh and suitable for stuffing. Requires no curing, stores 3-4months. Medium length vines. a "New American Cuisine" specialty. Avg. yield: 8-10fruits/plant..   Needs long warm season.



Delicata (K).  Sweet potato squash.(JS): 100 days. Unique 7-9" long, 3" wide, 1½-2 lbs, cream colored fruits with dark green longitudinal stripes and flecks. Delicata has very sweet orange flesh, short vines, and store well, making it one of the best small-fruited winter squash. Excellent for stuffing and baking, even right after harvest, requiring no curing. Avg yield 5-7 fruits/plant.  Needs long season.



Funny Face (Peto): 100 days, Fruit-28 X 36 cm, 4-5 kg., orange; Rind-Orange, fairly smooth, ribbed; Plant semi-bush; Produces a small runner after fruit set..  Does well in good seasons.



Half Moon  (Peto): 115 days; Fruit-30 X 36, 6-7 kg., orange; Rind-dark orange, smooth narrow ribs; Plant-large vigorous; Very thick flesh, mostly tall pumpkin, heavy stem. Needs long warm season.



Shenot Crown of Thorns (ornamental) (MB) (H) (JS): 95 days Unusual, eye-catching small, multicolor gourds for decorating. The 4-5" diameter fruits are globular with 10 fingers pointing toward the blossom end..  Ornamental.  Does well in good season.



Ornamentals (K) NZ (BM) (Heiko) (MB).(Lock):(mixed): Combines the following (mixture may very slightly depending on seed availability: Apple: Small. Round. Approximately 2-2½“ in diameter. Outside of fruit is buff color, hard and smooth.  Crown of Thorns (Ten Commandments): Surprisingly uniform gourd with small finger-like projections, always ten in number, protruding from the blossom end. Sometimes made into ashtrays. Mature fruit is white to cream color and is smooth and hard. Flat Striped: Fruit is slightly flattened about 3“ in diameter by 1½ -2“ in depth, striped, mostly green and yellow. Pear Bi-colored: Fruit is pear shaped and usually the lower half is green with yellow stripes and the upper half is yellow to buff. Outside of fruits with long, slender, curved necks. Small Orange: Fruit is round, 2½-3“ in diameter, surface is bright orange, hard and smooth. White pear: Fruit is pear shaped, about 3“ long and about 2“ in diameter. Surface is white, hard and smooth. Yellow Warted: Fruit is round to slightly flattened and about 2-3“ in diameter. Outside is yellow, hard and warted.    Does well in most seasons.



Spineless Beauty (BM): 45 to 50 days; Fruit size: 7-1/2" to 8-1/2; Fruit Shape: Long Cylindrical; Rind: Glossy Medium dark green; Flesh: White Crisp; Plant Type: Compact, Open, Spineless.  Zucchini type.  Does well.



Kökken  Billesholm: Large striped green and white can grow up to 20 Kilograms.  Plant: Bush type. Does well-



Embassy(F1)(Peto) Med dark green zucchini with fine flecking.  Fruits are easier to harvest due to semi-spineless nature.  Plant type: Vigorous bush, open, broad leaf.  Semi-spineless.  Maturity: Early 50 days. Does well in Sweden.



Clarimore(f1)(Peto) Lebanese.  Fruit type: Small, light green, speckled tapered fruit; nice shape at 3-5 inches length.  Plant type: Open, sprawling large plant; productive.  Maturity: 52 days.  Does well in Sweden.



Aristocrat(F1)(Peto). Fruit, dark green, glossy.  Smooth, slender cylinder 7-8 inches.  Plant type:  upright.  Maturity 53 days. Does well in Sweden.



Sunbar(F1)(Peto). Yellow straightneck, precocious coloring, glossy 6-7in, 15-18cm.  Tapered with slight neck.  Plant type: bushy, upright, strong.  Mid-early 54 days. Does well in Sweden.



Big Autumn, (F1) (BM) (JS): 100 days. No green fruits at harvest. The "precocious yellow" gene insures against lingering green at harvest - The fruits are orange from infancy. Avg. 10-18lbs. with good handles, upright-globe shape. Semi-bush plants. (95)



Table Gold (BM) (JS): Deep orange acorn. Medium-small. avg. 2lb., acorn fruits green at the stem end. Not so sweet; should have seasoning/sweetener. For specialty markets. Avg. yield: 4-5 fruits/Plant. (95)



Autumn Queen (BM) (Lock) : 71 days. A semi-bush acorn that offers an attractive fruit, sized just right for the consumer. Produces excellent yields, and is wilt tolerant. Size 6“. The shape is acorn. The rind is dark green. The flesh is orange and almost fiber-free.  (95)



Autumn Gold (BM) (Lock): 90 days An early, precocious type variety used for pies or jack-o-lanterns. The small semi-bush plant allows closer plant spacing and higher yields per acre. 7 1/4“ X 8-3/4“ Round to slightly flattened. 10 lbs. Bright orange Slight suture; Flesh Color is medium orange and thick flesh. (95).



Wizard (Prov) (BM) (Lock): 105 days. Wizard is very smooth, and matures from yellow to orange without a green stage. This variety has a semi-bush plant habit that produces a good yield of medium- size fruit. Shows wide adaptation in field trials, and appear frost tolerant. Fruit Size and shape is 10“ to 12“ round; 10 to 12 lbs; Skin color and texture : dark orange and smooth.; flesh color is yellow with thick flesh. (95)



Oz (Precocious yellow)  (BM) (Lock): 100 days.  An ultra smooth shell with very faint sutures makes this an ideal pumpkin for painting. Because it matures from yellow to orange, without a green stage, Oz is especially advantageous in short growing seasons, where it is marketable even at an immature stage. Size: 5-6“ and round. Weight: 4-5 lbs.  Skin color and texture: Bright orange and smooth. Flesh color is yellow and the flesh is medium thick.(95)



Baby Boo (white munchkin) (BM) (Lock). Mini pumpkin. (95)



Howden (BM) (JS): 115 days. The preferred large pumpkin. It has "The look" in big Halloween pumpkins - deep orange color, defined ribs, and good handles. They vary in shape and weight, typically averaging in the m 20's and larger. Needs long season to turn from green to orange(95)



Courgette   De Nice a fruit  Round  (HH)



Sugarloaf: (JS) 100 days. Short, plump, "rusty" Delicata. A new Delicata-type winter squash Sugarloaf fruits are shorter than Delicata, 5-6" long, slightly wider, avg. 1½ lbs. Extra-sweet taste. Like Delicata, it requires no curing and stores well. Avg. yield: 7-9 fruits/plant. Contains up to 1% off-type fruits. (96)



Rocket (F1): (JS) 95 days. Early and Rock heavy. The medium-size, avg 12-20lb. Jack O'Lantern are upright shaped with distinctive shoulder ribbing and long, strong green handles. They ripen early to a solid, brilliant orange color. Long vines. Early maturing and turns orange early. (96)



Small spoon (ornamental): (JS) 95 days. Oval-round base with a long, avg. 6-8" slender "handle". Half of base is dark green, the balance orange. Must be mature in order to keep a long time. (96)



Fat Boy. (JS) 118 days. Extra-big true pumpkins. This makes a range of sizes, but contains a good portion of extra-bigs, 30 lbs. And up. The medium-dark orange pumpkins tend to be upright-shaped and have big green handles. Matures late. New 97!



Tuffy. (JS) 90 days. Very sweet! A unique acorn squash for baking with sweeter, drier yellow flesh than others. Black-green skin, distinctive heavy ribbing. Avg 2 lbs. Avg. yield: 5-6 fruits/plant. Give your customers great taste! Bites; 1) Rind is tough. Use care when cutting in half for baking. 2) For best sweetness wait 2 weeks or more after harvest. New 97!



Raven. ( R )  43 days. Hybrid Summer Squash- Zucchini Type. A high yielding, nearly spineless zucchini. Features an open plant habit for easy harvesting. Average Size and Shape: 7-8”L x 1 1/8” W, Cylindrical. Color: Very dark green. Plant type: Open, Compact. New 97! 



Enterprise ( R ) 41 days: Hybrid Summer Squash-Yellow Type. An attractive yellow straightneck with long, smooth fruit. A standard for Southeast growers. Very productive. Average Size and Shape: 7 ½“L x 1 ½”W, Long and tapered, Straightneck. Color: Yellow. Plant Type: Vigorous. New 97!



Sunbrite. ( R ) 43 days. Hybrid Summer Squash-Yellow Type. Semi-crookneck squash that yields on abundance of high quality fruit. Average Size and Shape: 5” long, 1 1/2” bulb. Thick neck. Semi-crookneck. Color: Bright yellow. Plant Type: Open, Vigorous. New 97!



Butter Scallop. ( R ) 48 days. Hybrid Summer Squash-Scalloped Type. An attractive, uniformly shaped scallop squash. Unique color and appearance. Average Size and Shape: 3”W x 2”D. Dish shaped. Scalloped edges. Color: Uniform, butter-yellow color. Plant Type: Medium sized, Open bush. New 97!



Heart of Gold. ( R ) 90 days. Hybrid Winter Squash. Acorn squash shape with exterior coloring similar to Sweet Dumpling. Vigorous semi-bush plant. Average Size and Shape: 5 ½”W x 4 ½”D, Heart shaped. Rind: Creamy white with dark green mottled striping. Flesh: Orange, Fine grained. Plant Type: Semi-bush. New 97!



Peek-A-Boo ( R ) 90 days. Hybrid Pumpkin. Baby pumpkin with long, dark green handles. Uniform size and shape. Great for decorating. Average Size and Shape: 6”W x 5”D. Slightly flattened globe shape with long handles. Average Weight: 3.5-4 pounds. Skin Color and Texture: Medium-deep orange. Ribbed. Flesh color: Medium orange. Flesh Characteristic: Medium -fine grained. New 97!



Snackjack  (Harris)F1. Hybrid (Loy) Snackseed pumpkin. Lot.. NhAES (97). Hull-less seeds for delicious snacks. 1-2½ lbs. Fruit are produced on space-saving, compact bush vines. The small pumpkins mature fast and produce hull-less (edible) seeds that can be roasted as a delicious snack. Good yields of orange fruit with shallow ribs, short strong stem and a medium orange color.



Aspen F1 (Lock). 90 days. Fruit Size and Shape: 9"to 14" Deep globe. Weight: 10 to 12 lbs. Skin Color and Testrue: Rich oragne, Smooth. Flesh Color and Thickness: Medium orange, Thick. (97).



Counselor. (Peto-Seminis) Med green zucchini. New 97!



PS 9894 (Peto-Seminis) Med green zucchini. New 97!



Racer (F1) (JS) (85 days) New. Extra-early, ribbed, dark orange. Blocky, heavy, mid-size pumpkin with a great-looking rib and big dark green handle. Typical weight 12-18 lbs. Highly productive, vigorous, semi-bush vine. Combines parentage from U. Of NH and Johnny’ s



Tom Fox. (JS) (110 days. A Halloween type with great handles. Developed by New Hampshire farmer Tom Fox. The well-ribbed, medium-large pumpkins have a deep orange color and fantastic handles - at, long, dark green, and strong. The pumpkins average 12-24 lbs., slightly smaller than CT Field and Howden, and larger than Ghostrider and Wizard. They grow on long vines in a variety of shapes and are heavy for their size. An exceptional, grower-developed pumpkin!-developed pumpkin!



 Orange warted. Ornamental. Small warted. (Hollar)



Orange ball. (Hollar) Ornamental.



Pear bicolor. (Hollar) Ornamental



Jack of All Trades. (Lock)(Liberty) (Stokes) 95 days. Semi-bush, VERY Uniform, 15-20 lbs/7-9 kg, bright orange, shallow rib storage/shipping type, heavy handle.



Wee-B-Little. (JS) (95 days). (Rogers) (RWS 5604) Tiny, round pumpkin. Remarkable miniature, about the size of a baseball, avg. 3-3½" diam., 10-14 oz. And very endearing. Slightly flat-round shape like a normal pumpkin. Bright orange rind, smooth enough for painting. Semi-bush plants for close spacing. 1999 All-America Selections winner. Avg. 3000 seeds/lb. New 99!



Zephyr (JS) (54 days). (Precocious yellow, green tip straightneck). Developed for great taste. Distinctive slender fruits, yellow with faint white stripes and light green blossom ends. Harvest young at 4-6" for unusually delicious nutty taste and firm texture. Unique appearance for easy ID at the market. Big open plant, high yielding. New 99!



Magic Lantern (HMX 5683) (115 days). Where space is a premium and powdery mildew is a concern, this new Harris release deserves your consideration. Classic 15-24 lb. Slightly upright fruit are produced on semi-vine plants. Space-saving often increases yield per acre. Fruit average 12" wide x 14" high and have an attractive dark orange color with medium ribs. Good crown sets are noted from trials. A quality Harris release. New 99!



Jackpot (BM) (Lock) (Harris) A Harris development , Jackpot was the first hybrid pumpkin. It's a heavy yielder of round bright orange-yellow fruit of moderate size (10 to 12 lbs.) Flesh is good and of fine quality for pies, and the skin is hard and smooth. Heavier vines are only 2/3 the size of standard pumpkins and hybrid vigor results in husky growth and heavier production in less space. The early maturity of Jackpot allows you to plant later and still meet the Halloween market. New 99!



Frosty Hybrid (Twilley). 95 days. High quality bush carving type. Very attractive, bright orange fruits average 10 in. Across, have firm flesh. Ships and stores well. Bush habit saves space. Shipping/fresh market/U-pick/home garden. New 99!



Ghost Rider. (Liberty) (Stokes). 115 days Compares to Howden. Similar deep round shape, exteriors are dark orange, interior flesh is orange to yellow orgnge, depending on maturity. Unlike most pumpkins, Ghost Rider has a nice large dark green/black stem or handle. Fruit size is smaller than Howdens. Averaging 15-25 lbs/7-11 kg with dimensions of 12-16 in./30-40cm. pvp Mew 99!



Sweetie Pie (Stokes). 95 days. Looks like a miniature version of a deeply ribbed flat pumpkin. Isolate from summer squash for zucchini virus (green spots). Fruit fit in your hand, (3 in. x 2 om(8 cm x 5 cm) and have orange flesh. Stores 8 months. Improved Jack Be Little 400 seeds per 0z/28 gr.New 99!



Touch of Autumn. RWS 6260 (Rogers) (Seeds by Design) Small pumpkin. Powdery Mildew Tolerance (in test). Compare to: Oz, Spooktacular, Baby Bear, Trickster, Peek-A-Boo. New 99!



Festival (Gurney's). Tastes as Good as It Looks. Unusual color pattern-shades of green, gold and orange-end flavorfull golden flesh. Semi-bush habit. 80 days. New 99!



Pik-a-Pie (Rupp38038) (NH 722) (L) F1 Days:85. 5-6 lbs. Dark Orange, Semi-Bush A Rupp pie pumpkin with a dark green, large handle and uniform fruit. Yields an abundance of excellent quality pie pumpkins. . New 99!



Gold Fever. (NH 723) (L) (Rupp) F1 hybrid Semi bush pumpkin. New 99! 90 days. 12 x 16". Weight 12-15 lbs. Skin: Dark orange. Vine.  A Rupp pumpkin that has exhibited excellent yields, color and handles. Has performed very well in University trials.



Cocozelle (Harry Paris) Hybrid #629 from Newe Ya'ar Research Station, Israel  New 2000!



Eight Ball F1 (Rupp) A unique new zucchini for both the commercial grower or the home gardener. Uniform round fruit on a open bush plant  40 days, 2-3", medium Dark Green. New 00!



Jack-be-quik (Rupp) A more ribbed selection of Jack-be-little with smaller, taller and darker orange fruit. 95 days, 3 x 2", 1/4#. Orange, medium vine. New 00!



Merlin (HMX 5680) (Harris) Powdery Mildew Tolerance. This beautiful 115 day hybrid has a classic, slight upright shape and a deep orange color nice ribbing. Full vigorous vines produce good yields of 15-25 lb. Pumpkins with good density. The fruit average 12" wide x 14" high and are noted for uniformity, color and shape. New 00!



Stripetti (Stokes)  95 days. A ne hybrid which is a cross between Delcata Sweet Potato and Vegetable Spaghetti. Will Store 3 months. New 00!



Tigress F1 (Harris) Tolerant to Zucchini Yellows Mosaic and Watermelon Mosaic II Virus. Tigress is an early maturing hybrid with smooth, medium green fruit that closely resemble Zucchini Elite. The plant offers good cover but is not too dense for easy harvest and with its multiple disease tolerance, it offers high yield late into the season. Disease tolerance and high yield quality fruit make this variety a real winner. New 00!



Hybrid Pam (Rupp) A restricted vine Spookie type hybrid.  90 days. 6 x 6", deep, orange. New 00!



ProGold Brand Variety #100. (A&C) A round, deep orange 4-5" pumpkin. Excellent fruits weighing ½ to 1 lb. Best for decorations, painting or pies. New 00!



ProGold Brand Variety #200. (A&C) Classic medium sized pumpkin averaging 9-12 lbs. Deep orange fruits are 6-9" in diameter. Very vigorous and produces large yields. New 00!



ProGold Brand Variety # 300. (A&C) 88 days. Excellent companion to ProGold Brand Variety #500 and #510. Exceptionally smooth fruits average about 16-20 pounds. Medium orange color with very sturdy handles. Round tall 10-14". Flesh: Dark Yellow Thick New 00!



ProGold Brand Variety #500. (A&C) 95 days. Round, dark orange, medium-size fruits with medium deep ribs excellent for carving. Strong dark green handles. 12-14", 22-24 lbs. Full vine. Flesh: Dark Yellow thick. New 00!



ProGold Brand Variety #510. (A&C) 95 days. Large, attractive fruits of Howden type feature excellent deep orange color, round to tall shape, strong handles. Fresh market, carving. This variety is rapidly becoming the new standard in a taller, eastern style pumpkin. Noted for dark green handles. Round-Tall, 14-16", 22-26lbs.full vine. Flesh: Dark Yellow Thick. New 00!



Costata Romanesco (JS) 52 days. Best-tasting. Distinctive Italian zucchini, prominently ribbed. Medium grey-green, with pale green flecks and ribs. Big. Large-leafed bush with only about half the yeield as hybrids, but much better-tasting - clearly more starchy, nutty, and delicious, raw or cooked. Also a good producer of heavy male blossom buds for cooking. New 00!



Starship F1 (Stokes) (Lock.) 45 days. Medium dark green, more refined, very flat 3 in/7cm diameter, semi-bush scallop-replaces Scallopini. New 00!



Carnival F1 (Harris) (Lock.) 85 days. Acorn, green/gold/yellow, ribbed/blunt end, semi-bush. New 00!



Appalachian. F1. (Stokes). (Lock.) 95 days. Semi-bush 20-25lb712kg. F1 Howden type. Deep orange smooth ribbed skin and flesh very uniform, large handles. Replace Happy Jack.



Nest Egg (Hollar) Ornamental



Gold Gem.(Rupp). 110 days, 22 lbs, Skin dark orange, large vine A new Rupp hybrid pumpkin with excellent dark color, good handles and the right size for the shipper market, about 4 lbs. Smaller and darker orange than Howden. (New 2001)



Rock Star.(F1) (JS)98 days, Big, bright. A vigorous growing, Howden size hybrid pumpkin with earlier maturity and better adaptability to different weather conditions. Blocky, upright shape with a rich orange color. Dark green handle. Long vine. (New 2001)



Mystic Plus (Harris) 105 days. The round to slightly flattened shaped fruit, measure 8"W x 6"H and weigh 7-8 lbs. The pumpkins have a deep orange color and a large, sturdy handle with a strong attachment. (New 2001) ORDERED



Neon.(Lock) (Stokes). 65 days.  The world's earliest maturing pumpkin! Will produce uniform 7-8 lbs/3.5kg, perfect, small Jack O'Lanterns with wide black stems on semi bush plants. Fruits are dark orange 10 in./25cm in diameter, 12./30 cm high. (New 2001).



Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon (Harris) Unique little pumpkin. 100 days. This mini-pumpkin features orange and green stripes on a white background for a unique look that customers will love. Lil' Pump-Ke-Mon has a distinctive flattened shape with slight to medium ribbing emphasize by the orange and green stripes. The 1-2 lbs fruit is set on a compact vine that offers top yields and easy harvest. This pumpkin will add a nice mix to traditional fall offering.(new 2001) Not available 2001



Autumn King Hybrid (Stokes)  105 days. Extra large dark orange, deep-round fruit have distinct ribs, large strong dark green handles. Uniform size and shape, heavy vine. (New 2001)



Lil' Ironsides. (Stokes) Long lasting rock hard ornamental. Although our Lil* Ironsides is a true pumpkin it has a tough hard shell much like an ornmamental gourd. Its shelf likfe takes it well into the spring and it has a hard, smooth shell, great for painting. The dark orange, 2 lb. Fruit with dark handles have great yield potential of hybrid uniform fruit. Lil' Ironsides has tolerance to fruit rot and fusarium and the fruit shows tolerance to phytophythora. (New 2001).



Howdy Doody (Rupp) 90 days. 13 x 12" Weight 15 lbs., Skin: Dark Orange. Restricted vine. A new Rupp pumpkin with a thick medium length (3") handle., slight squatted fruit with excellent eye appeal and uniformity. (New 2001)



Small Wonder (Rupp) 90 days. Fruit Size Softball 6". Weight 1½-2 lbs. Color: Light orange. Vine. A spaghetti squash from Hollar with the right size for an individual serving. A prolific yielder with a vine type habit. Normal interior noodles like spaghetti squash. (New 2001) 



Harlequin F1 (Rupp) 100 days. Furit size 4-5". Weight 1½-2 lbs. Color. Cream/green stripes. Bush. A new Powdery Mildew tolerant Heart of Gold type hybrid with exceptional eating quality plus is also decorative. A sure winner. A Rupp exclusive in cooperation with Cornell University. (New 2001) Not available 2001



Gourds (Stokes 952C) Small Warted Hybrid Blend. A superb all-warted mixture of many shapes. Colours of white, green, orange, blue and bicolours.  Order 2002!!



Gourds (Rupp)  Autumn Wings (small) A new unique gourd of many colors with wings and fruit shape of a swan pear. Its bulb size is 2½ or 3” in diameter with a neck up to 4-5”long. Has great potential for the shipper if the wings can be protected from breakage. New 2002!



Gold Medal (Rupp) 95 days. 35-40 lbs. Deep Orange, Large Vine. A new Rupp hybrid that is at the top of the class in appearance for the retail marketer. A large pumpkin with dark color and great, long handle. New 2002!



Celebration (Rupp) 90 days. 4X5”. 1.5lbs. Light Yellow Orange Sutures. Compact bush. A new powdery mildew tolerant gold striped acorn hybrid with exceptional eating quality plus is also decorative. A sure winner. A Rupp exclusive in cooperation with Cornell University. Limited to trial orders only for 2002.



Small Gourds Mixed (Stokes) Formula blend of all our separate varieties, plus 50% of small warted types. New 2002!



Striped Pear (Stokes) Striped pear shape gourd. New 2002!



Striped Crown of Thorns (Stokes) Multicolored striped.



Kakai  naked seeded (GSK) (JS 2860) oil seed pumpkin. 100 days, Striped fruits, delicious “pumpkin nuts” snacks. Eye-catching, medium-small, avg 5- 8 lbs ., black-striped pumpkins. The seeds are large, dark green, completely hull-less. Semi-bush, short-vine plants.



Harvest Time (Hybrid Pumpkin ACX 101) (A&C) Maturity: 93 days. Fruit shapes: mostly tall. Fruit Size: Large. Weight: 24-28 pounds. Fruit Color: Dark orange. Flesh Color: Dark yellow. Plant size: Full vine. Disease Tolerance: Moderate PM. Compatible Replacement for: Howden, Gold Rush, Gold Strike (03)



Reliable (Hybrid Pumpkin ACX 102) (A&C) offers moderate disease tolerance to PM (03)



Dependable (Hybrid Pumpkin ACX 103) (A&C) offers moderate disease tolerance to PM (03)



Aladdin HMX 6689 (HM) Large fruits on a short vine. PM tolerant. Compare to Merlin and Magic Lantern. (03)



Big Rock (F1) (JS): 98 days. A new Howden-sized hybrid with block round shape. Compare to Rock Star under your conditions. (03)



Orange Smoothie (F1) (JS) 95 days. Medium-small, smooth painter. Bright orange, smooth, nonribbed, round fruits avg 6-9lb. Nice handle. Semibush plant. The best painter we have seen in this preferred size. 2002 All-America Selection winner from UNH.



Howden Biggie (JS) 115 days. For extra-large “real” pumpkins. The standard for pumpkins over 30 pounds, a percentage running 40. Shape is typically upright, though variable. Handles are usually thick and strong, but short. Long vines. (03)



Autumn Wings Large Swan (Rupp) 100 days. A unique gourd of many colors with wings, warts, and with the fruit shape of a swan gourd. Its bulb size is 2½ or 3” (6.25-7.5cm) in diameter with a neck up to 12” (30cm) long. A grand addition to our other fancy ornamental selection for the ornamental trade. Planting and Harvesting: Autumn Wings should be planted early so that the gourds will be mature prior to harvest. Immature wings on gourds can be damaged very easily and will rot. We’re uncertain if mechanical washers and waxers are gentle enough for these gourds. (03)



Autumn Wings Medium (Rupp) 100 days. A unique gourd of many colors with wings with the fruit shape of a spoon but with wings. Its bulb size is 2½ or 3” (6.25 –7.5cm) in diameter with neck up to 6” (15cm) A grand addition to our other fancy ornamental trade. Planting and Harvesting: Autumn Wings should be planted early so that the gourds will be mature prior to harvest. Immature wings on gourds can be damaged very easily and will rot. We’re uncertain if mechanical washers and waxers are gentle enough for these gourds. (03) 



Cornell’s Bush Delicata (JS) Powdery mildew tolerant. The powdery mildew tolerance is a great feature, keeping the semibush vines healthy long, which can mean sweeter squash. The dark green, striped fruits are whiter and a bit plumper than Delicata JS, and yellowing in storage is delayed. Similar sweet cooked quality. All-America Selections winner. (03).



School Time (Seminis) (Stokes) 95 days. Medium size 8-10lbs/3.5-5.5kg deep orange fruit with strong dark green handles. Ideal for school tours or PYO. (03) Discontinued - out of production.



Phantom. (Seminis) (Stokes) 108 days. Semi bush vines, limited runners. Very uniform Howden type 20-25 lbs/11kg furit with dark orange, ribbed skin great handles. (03)



Autumn Delight. (Seminis) (Stokes). 75 days. Semi bush, high yielding, earlier Table Ace type with similar size fruit and good PM tolerance. (03)



Cotton Candy (Rupp 38065) 110 days, 5-12lbs, White, vine (3), A new Rupp white pumpkin with good handles, a blend of strains that range between 5 and 12 lbs. Harvest and store in the dark to maintain best white color. Excellent for painting. Flesh color is white. New 2004!



Table Star (Rupp 41310) 70 days, 2 lbs, Jet Black, Bush (2) A new PMT acorn hybrid from Rupp that is competitive with best in the market, plus has 50% higher sugars than the competitive acorns. New 2004!



Table Treat (Rupp 42309) 70 days, 1 1/2-1 3/4 lbs, Jet Black, Bush (2) A new PMT acorn hybrid from Rupp that is slightly smaller than Table Star, plus has 50% higher sugars than the competitive acorns. New 2004!



White Cloud (Rupp 42312) 70 days, 2 lbs, White, Semi Bush.(2). A new white acorn hybrid from Rupp that is larger and better eating quality that other whites available. New 2004!



Sweet Lightning (Rupp 42501) 100 days, 1-1½ lbs, Pale Yellow/Orange Stripes, Semi Bush (2) A new Rupp product with both outstanding decorative and great eating qualities. Is one of the best flavored when used as a squash. Has PMT on a semi bush vine. New 2004!



Gold Dust (Rupp 38066) 95 days, 1/3 lb, Orange, Semi Bush (4) A new Rupp developed semi bush hybrid with darker fruit than Jack-B-Quik plus PMT tolerance. Most fruit set close to the crown early and escape virus flecking. In trials has outyielded Jack-B-Quik by 20% in fruit numbers and total weight. New 2004!



Pumpkin Halloween: RPX 1002 (Rupp 38059) 30# New 2004!



Pumpkin Halloween: RPX 1003 (Rupp 38060) 22# New 2004!



Pumpkin Halloween: RPX 1006 (Rupp 38061) 18# New 2004!



New Rocket pumpkin F1 (JS2364). The new variety is the result of the breeding work Rob Johnston has done. It is larger, with a rounder shape than “Rocket” and is a great Halloween pumpkin. New 2004!



Papaya Pear F1 (Harris1824) 2003 AAS Winner. 45 days. Papaya-shaped fruit with a bright-yellow skin are produced in abundance on semi-bush plants. The small fruit are tender and delicious and should be harvested when they reach 3½” in length. New 2004!



Harrowsmith Select. (JS2226). The handsome selection of mixed gourds was developed by Jim Harvey, a grower and Johnny’s customer from Massachusetts. A mix of mostly warted pears, dumplings, patty pans, cheeses and other shapes in a diverse range of colors. Mr. Harvey continually refined and selected Harrowsmith over a 20 year period until he arrived at this wonderful mix. New 2004!



Lemondrop L. (Siegers890012)(Asgrow/Seminis)  41 days. Sraightneck Length 5-7 inces, Color Lemon Yellow. Smooth, uniform, productive  Summer squash. New 2004!



Charisma PMR (F1) (JS2262) Maturity: 105 days. Resists powdery mildew, medium size. Blocky round pumpkins with slightly russeted, deep orange color and tough green handles. Reduced-length vine. Compared to Racer, Charisma is a pound or two larger ( avg. 14- 18 lb ), matures later, is lighter orange, has more slender handle, and is a lot less susceptible to powdery mildew. New 05!



Expert (F1) (JS2261) Maturity: 98 days. A beauty in the Howden class. Compared to Rock Star, Expert has a rounder, broader shape, typically sizes a little bigger, and is equal in deep orange color and big, dark green handles. It’s easy to like the appearance and yield of this big pumpkin, and we urge you to try it. Long vine. New 05!



Socerer (Seigers) Main Season. 15- 25 lbs ., very round, heavy ribbing, semi-full vine. AAS winner! Excellent uniformity of shape, attractive color. Large, firmly rooted handle. Perfect wholesale size. New 05!



Magician F1 (Harris) ZYMV and improved powdery mildew tolerance. 110 Days. Magician is the first pumpkin variety to combine both powdery mildew tolerance and zucchini yellows mosaic virus tolerance into the same variety. Semi-vine plants produce good yields of 10- 16 lb . fruit. The 10” W x 12” H fruit have an excellent deep orange color, moderate ribbing and medium-sized handles that are firmly rooted. Magician has shown an elevated level of tolerance to powdery mildew in the field, which translates into a higher marketable yield potential for you. New 05!



Batwing Mix (Rupp 38548) 90 days, diameter 3” , wt. ¼ lb.(113g) , orange/green, semi bush. A uniquie orange and dark green colored pumpkin when harvested early to full orange at full maturity. New 06!



Wolf (JS 2487) 120 days. NEW! Very thick, long, strong handles. Howden size range with huge handles. Distinctive round pumpkins are deep orange with moderate rib. Thick flesh helps prevent flat-siding. Nice breeding work by Wester New York farmer Chris Awald. Matures late. New 06!



Floridor (F1) (JS2618) 50 days. Bright yellow, round zucchini. Newest offering in the round zucchini lineup. Grow by itself or try growing it with Eight Ball and Geode for a full spectrum of color. New 06!



Iron Man F1 (HMX 2690) (HM) (Harris:01677-00-01) (Lock)  powdery mildew tolerant hard shell. 110 Days. If you have been impressed with our Lil’ Ironsides but you were looking for a slightly larger fruit, then Iron Man is the variety for you. Iron Man produces round to globe-shaped, 3- 4 lb . fruit that measure 6- 7” in diameter. This is a hard shell variety that is great for painting and it also has a nice dark orange color and strong, well-proportioned handles. The hard shelled fruit will store for months and have tolerance to Fusarium and Phytophthora Fruit Rots. Iron Man’s vigorous full vine is tolerant to powdery mildew. 06!



Cannon Ball F1 (HMX 3694) (HM) (Harris: 11688-00-01)    110 Days. Our newest and largest hard shell pumpkin variety. Vigorous bush plants produce good yields of 5 lb . round-shaped fruit that have an attractive burnished-orange color, slight ribbing and large firmly rooted handles. The fruit are approximately 7" in diameter and have a hard, uncarvable shell. Because of its long shelf life, it makes a great item for painting and school tours. Tolerant to powdery mildew. Patent pending. Compare to Mystic Plus 06!



Field Trip (HMX 6687) F1 (HM) Small size pumpkin Resistant to powdery mildew. Flat shape, very long, thin handle. Compare to Mystic Plus. 06!                               



Gladiator F1 (HMX 2689) (HM) (Harris: 00700-00-01) (Lock) improved powdery mildew tolerance. 115 Days. Gladiator has powdery mildew tolerance and has shown improved tolerance to this disease in the field, when compared to other tolerant varieties. Vigorous, semi-vine plants produce good yields of 20- 25 lb . fruit that are very uniform for size and shape. The round fruit have a deep orange color, moderate ribbing and measure 13” wide x 12” high. Gladiator’s long handles are thick and firmly rooted to the fruit. With its improved disease tolerance and grower preferred fruit size, Gladiator is sure to become one of the number one varieties of choice by growers everywhere. Compare to Magic Lantern. 06!



Warlock (HMX 6685) F1 (HM) (Harris:SKU: 11695-00-01)

Warlock is the first in our new series of carvable semi-hard shell pumpkins. This variety has real eye appeal with its dark orange color, rough looking skin and dark strong handles. Its fruit will average 20-30 lbs and have an upright to tall shape with little or no ribbing. Its semi-hard shell gives it better storage capabilities than standard type fruit but it´s not too hard that it can’t be carved. Warlock also carries homozygous tolerance to powdery mildew, making it one of our more tolerant varieties to this disease.

Large size pumpkin. Resistant to powdery mildew. Rough surface , hard shell, deep orange color. Compare to Aladdin. 06!



Galaxy of Stars (Rupp 26042) 90-100 days. An exciting new Rupp hybrid gourd mixture developed by our Plant Breeder, Duane Bell, in the shape of a 5 point star in many colors that can be mechanically washed. An excellent opportunity to have an entire new gourd product for table decorations this year. 07!



Goblin Eggs. (Rupp 26039, JS 2645) 90-100 days. A new Hollar product that produces a multitude of egg shaped gourds in a rainbow of colors and stripes. The logical replacement for Nest Egg gourd.  07!



Koshare Yellow (Rupp 26041) A new Hollar product that is like a small spoon gourd with a back-green background with up to 5 yellow bands. 07!



Celeste (GS): Dark green cylindrical and uniform fruit (IR : ZYMV , Pm) 08!



Tempra (GS): Medium shiny green cylindrical fruit.  08!



Satelite :(GS) Dark green round fruit.  08!



Honey Bear F1 (JS 689) New! 85 days. Delicious, small size. 2009 All-America Selections winner. 4” round, mini-acorn fruits are just the right size halved for single servings. Weighing just 1-1 ¼ lb. (500g). Honey Bear sets a new standard for taste in acorn squash – deliciously starchy and sweet. Promising for direct marketing by name. Compact bush plant resists powdery mildew. This innovative acorn squash was bred by Dr Brent Loy at the university of New Hampshire . Avg. 3-4 fruits/plant. (09)



Summer Ball F1 (JS 655) New! 95 days. A truly compact bush habit. Not only does pumpkin’s growth habit lend itself to small gardens or large containers, but the small, round, bright orange fruit is produced in abundance. We counted 20 fruits/plant in our trials, each one averaging 3-3½ lb. The early fruits can be harvested and used as yellow summer squash or they can be allowed to mature to form small `pumpkins` which have a much shorter storage life than traditional pumpkin varieties. An ideal choice for use in containers or limited garden space but is not recommended for large scale pumpkin production. (09)



Moonshine F1 (JS 690) New! 95 days. Wonderful small, white pumpkin. Very uniform, smooth skinned pumpkin. Perfect for decorating or carving. Long, dark green handle. Manageable size. (09)



Champion F1 (JS 2601) New! 90 days. Bred by Johnny’s. Big jack-o’lantern with early maturity. Typically 30 Lbs. or more, deep orange, well ribbed, with a thick, medium length handle. Avg. 1 fruit/plant. (10)



Racer Plus PMR F1 (JS 2602) New! 85 days. Bred by Johnny’s. Resistance (IR) to powdery mildew. Blocky well ribbed and colored with long, thick, healthy Handle. Tends to run somewhat larger than Racer. Dark Orange. (10)



Lil’ Orange Mon (HM (HMX 6690), HS: SKU: 11696-00-01) 100days. Lil’ Orange Mon is a unique, mini ornamental pumpkin that complements our very popular Lil’ Pump-Ke-Mon and makes a great addition to your miniature pumpkin offering. Weighing in at 1-2 lbs., Lil’ Orange Mon has a dark orange background with light colored orange flecking covering the fruit. A long thin fruit. A long thin handle and deep ribs give this variety a nice look for fall ornamental displays. The flat shaped fruit shaped fruit measures 2” high x 4”  in diameter and are produced on a bush type plant.(10)



Daisy Gourd, Small Fruited. (JS 94) Maturity 95 days. Colors are varied and the patterns on the gourds look like flowers. Lovely mix and different than anything we currently offer. Avg. 8,000 seeds/lbs. (new 2011).



Lunch Lady Gourd, Large Fruited. (JS 699) Days to maturity or bloom: 95-100. Large gourds come in a variety of sizes, from 5 to 20 lb., shapes, and colors. All have hard shells and are covered with warts. Large, vigorous vines. A perfect addition to your fall ornamental gourd offering. Avg. 2,000 seeds/lb.  (new 2011)



Knuckle Head F1 Pumpkin, Specialty. (JS 91) Maturity 105 days.  A freaky, Orange, Warted Pumpkin.  Spectacular warting makes them the star of the show. Moderate vines bear fruit averaging 12-16 lb. and 12" H X 10" W. Avg. yield: 2 fruits/plant. Avg. 3,000 seeds/lb.  (new 2011)



Apollo F1 (HMX9699) (HS) SKU: 11719-00-01 18-30 lb. fruit and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. 105 Days. Apollo pumpkins are our newest entry into the large pumpkin class that offers intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. The 18-30 lb. fruit have a dark orange color, medium ribbing and large, well attached stems. Apollo pumpkins will make an excellent compliment to either Gladiator or Aladdin and is produced on a space-saving, semi-vine plant. Another big advantage is that it matures 7-10 days earlier than others in this class.(New 2011)



Gargoyle F1(HMX5683) (HS) SKU: 11699-00-01  Distinctive hard shell with ribs.  105 Days. This unique hard shell variety offers an additional feature – occasional and distinctive genetic warts. The 3-5 lb. fruit are produced on compact vines and have a round to globe shape. They have strong and thick firmly rooted stems, and unlike other hard shell types, they are moderately ribbed. Gargoyle has a good orange color and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Approximately 40-50% of the fruit will have some genetic warting. (New 2011)



Apprentice F1( HMX5682)(HS) SKU: 01679-00-05   A small hard shell beauty. 115 Days. Apprentice is a smaller version of our very popular Lil’ Ironsides. Compact bush plants produce very good yields of 1 lb. hard shell pumpkins. The round fruit are 4-5" in diameter, smooth with no ribbing, and have an eye-appealing burnt orange color. The handles are well proportioned to the fruit, and the fruit has intermediate resistance to Phytophthora and Fusarium fruit rots. These are fantastic items for decorating and painting as they have a very long shelf life. (New 2011)



Rival PMR (F1) (JS 2505)New! Big and beautiful with disease resistance. Days to Maturity or Bloom:   95.  Rival PMR is a round, medium-sized jack-o'-lantern type with intermediate resistance to powdery mildew (IR-PMR). Medium length vines produce deep orange pumpkins weighing an average 15-20 lb. Early maturity compared with other medium-sized PMR pumpkins. Similar to Racer Plus PMR but somewhat larger. Avg. yield: 2 fruits/plant.  Avg. 3,200 seeds/lb  (New 2011) 



 HMX 1692 Warted pumpkin  (New 2011)



Hannibal(F1)(Siegers 780123T)(HSC 156)  95 days. 18-25 lbs. Slightly Tall, Distinct Ribbing, Vine, Px(IR), This variety ranks VERY high amongst the best Jack-O-Lanterns! Very attractive, dark orange color with embedded thick, dark stems. Exceptionally uniform size and shape with a superior yield of perhaps the best Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins you've ever grown! New 2012!



Chucky (F1) (HSC 157) (JS2594) Extremely uniform and productive. Chucky is an early-maturing, 'kid-size' pumpkin with nice handles. Semi-bush vines keep it compact in the field. Avg. yield: 5 fruits/plant. Avg. 3,100 seeds/lb. New 2012!



Jester (F1) (JS 3836) Days to Maturity or Bloom: 95 New! Ornamental and flavorful squash. As attractive and the same size as Carnival, but with better eating quality. Jester is oval, tapered at both ends, with small to average ribs. Fruits have an ivory background with green striping between the ribs, and avg. 1 1/2 lb. Widely adapted, short-vined plants average 5-7 fruits/plant. Recommended storage time is about 60 days. Avg. 4,000 seeds/lb. New 2012!



Dunja (F1) (OG) (JS 3843G) Days to Maturity or Bloom: 47 Dunja is a high yielder of dark green, straight zucchinis. Open plants and small spines make for an easy harvest. Higher yielding and more disease resistant than Dundoo, which it is replacing. Organically grown. Avg. 3,800 seeds/lb. New 2012!



Big Doris (F1)  (JS 3019) Good shape with strong handles. Big Doris has smooth, deep orange skin and average 30-40 lb. in weight. Avg. yield: 1 fruit/long-vined plant. Space at 18-24". Avg. 2,300 seeds/lb. Days to Maturity or Bloom: 90 New 2013!



Hooligan (F1) (JS 3067) New! Early mini pumpkins with white, green, and orange mottled color. Weighing about 3/4 lb., fruits are deeply ribbed fruit with long, dark green handles that are strongly attached. Avg. yield: 6-7 fruits/plant. Ideal for pick-your-own operations, fall markets, and home decoration. Avg. 7,500 seeds/lb. Days to Maturity or Bloom: 90  New 2013!



Fall Splendor (JS 3077)  New! Small, dark orange pumpkins with medium ribs. Selected for productivity, shape, and color. Ideal for fall markets, pick-your own operations, and home decoration. Fruits avg. 5-7 lb; have a blocky round shape; and large, strong, dark green handles that make them easy to carry. Avg. yield: 2-3 fruits/plant. Short vines. Avg. 2,900 seeds/lb. Days to Maturity or Bloom: 105 New 2013!



Crunchkin F1(HMX 8698)  Lot: 5560 (HS: 11714-00-01) 100 Days. Crunchkin the hard shell version of our very popular Munchkin is sure to be a hit for fall sales. The flat-shaped fruit have very pronounced ribs and a medium-orange color with slight flecking. Crunchkin produces big yields of its miniature fruit on bush-type vines and its hard shell will give it extended storage ability, allowing for sales at Thanksgiving time to be used for table decorations and fall floral arrangements. New 2013!



Little Giant F1(HMX 5684) Lot: R21186 (HS:11713-00-01) 108 Days. This beautiful, little pie pumpkin weighs in at 2-4 lbs. and has a rich, dark-orange color. Little Giant Pumpkins' small fruit have firmly attached dark green handles and are smooth enough for painting but they still have light ribbing that gives them the look of a real miniature jack-o-lantern. This variety will be ideal for marketing to school field trip tours. Full-size vines with intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. New 2013!



Mischief (HMX 8696) Lot: 5580 Maturity: Mid-early Plant Habit: Semi-vine  Handle: Strongly  Height:  6-7in  Diameter: 5-6 in  Weight: 2-4 lbs Shape: Taller  Color: Dark   New 2013!)



Perseo (GAUTIER Semences)(L1017) Yield and quality fruits. Type: Long squash. Descriptions: vigorous and balanced plants, erected with medium internodes. Glossy dark green cylinder fruit. Very homogenous grade. Uses: Suitable for early producted crop production in Northern Europe. For protected and open field production in Southern area. Resistance IR: ZYMV, CMV, Oidium. New 2013!



Ariane (GAUTIER Semences)(L1006) Early and high yielding. Type: Long squash. Descriptions: Beautiful cylindrical and homogeneous dark green fruit. Moderately vigorous plant, erect growth. Strong early high yield potential and uniform grade. Good keeping quality after harvest. Uses: New variety to out in protected crop cultivation. Resistance IR: ZYMV, Oidium. New 2013!



Diablo (Siegers 780155, Rupp 38552) 100 days, 9”Hx11”W, 18-24 lbs., Slightly tall, Medium ribbing, Semi-bush. Blocky round shape, moderate sutures, excellent color with strong dark green embedded handles, Ideal Jack-O-Lantern style and size. New 2014.




Hijinks (Siegers 780158) 100 days, 7.5”Hx8”W, 7-9 lbs., Medium ribbing, Vine. Ideal for School children, extremely uniform 7-9 pound pumpkin with high yields. Blocky shape with square shoulders and a nice long dark green handle. New 2014.




Gremlins (JS ID: 700) are bright, bold, and crazy with warts. Small to medium-sized (5-7"+) gourds with various solid and speckled vibrant colors, in a multitude of shapes: stars, wings, acorns, mushrooms, necks, and more. A complete stunner in our trials. Avg. 5,500 seeds/lb. Packet: 30 seeds. Plant Cycle:   (A)   Days to Maturity or Bloom:   95  New 2014



Early King (8132) (A&C 78327) A great new addition to our pumpkin line! Early King is a very large pumpkin weighing approximately 22-28 lbs. It has a great deep orange color and a full vine. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Maturity: 90 Days Fruit Shape: Round to Slightly Tall  Fruit Size: Very Large   Fruit Weight: 22-28 lbs.  Fruit Color: Deep Orange   Plant Size: Full Vine  Disease Tolerance: IR-Px   New 2014



First Harvest (8058) (A&C 78329) A very large, hybrid pumpkin weighing approximately 25-30 lbs. First Harvest has thick dark handles and dark orange fruit color. Matures early and has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Maturity: 90 Days   Fruit Shape: Mostly Tall  Fruit Size: Very Large  Fruit Weight: 25-30 lbs.  Fruit Color: Dark Orange  Plant Size: Full Vine  Disease Tolerance: IR-Px   New 2014 



Early Giant (1132) (A&C 78339) Introducing Early Giant. Maturing in approximately 95 days and weighing between 25-30 lbs. This giant pumpkin is productive and has excellent orange color. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Maturity: 95 Days   Fruit Shape: Mostly Tall   Fruit Size: Very Large Fruit Weight: 25-30 lbs.  Fruit Color: Dark Orange  Plant Size: Full Vine  Disease Tolerance: IR-Px    New 2014



Darling (1032) (A&C 78334) Maturing in approximately 90 days and weighing between 6-8 lbs. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Maturity: 90 Days   Fruit Shape: Slightly Tall   Fruit Size: Small. Fruit Weight: 6-8 lbs.  Fruit Color: Excellent Orange  Plant Size: Restricted Vine  Disease Tolerance: IR-Px   New 2014 



Early Abundance (1033) (A&C 78335) Introducing Early Abundance! Our tiny but mighty hybrid pumpkin, yields 4-6 lb. dark orange fruit. This uniform-size variety has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew and has proportional handles. Matures early, approximately in 90 days.  Maturity: 90 Days  Fruit: Shape Round  Fruit Size: Small  Fruit Weight: 4-6 lbs.  Fruit Color: Dark Orange Plant Size: Full Vine  Disease Tolerance: (IR) Px   New 2014 



Contender Spineless, early maturing, and very heavy yielding. 43 days 8-9” Park Seed (Syngenta)



Noche produces dark green cylindrical zucchinis which are easy to harvest due to the open spineless plant. Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Syngenta)



Calbacín Blanco Medio  Largo. Cabacinh Branca Media Comprida(clemente) (eco) Variedad de abundante follaje y tallos finos. Frutos abundantes, de color blanco, cortos Y gresos, de 20-30 cm. de longitude y 8-10 cm. de gueso. Form cilindrica algo oblong, de superficie lisa sin marcar aristas. Precocidad media de 55 a 60 dias.  New 2015



Calabacín Blanco Precos Medular Aborinha branca (clemente) (eco) Variedad de abundante follaje y tallos finos. Produce gran cantidad de frutos, de color blanco, cortos 7 gruesos de 20 a 30 cm de longitud y 8 a 10 cm de gruesoForma cilindrica alfo oblonga. Calabacin de superficie lisa, sin marcar aristasNew 2015



Cargo PMR (F1) Pumpkin Seed (JS Product ID: 3978) Maturity: 100 days. New! A robust hybrid with strong handles and beautiful color. Cargo PMR's rich orange color and large size, 20-25 lb., make it an excellent choice for all pumpkin sales including u-pick operations, farm stands, and large bins. The short vines produce 2-3 fruits/plant at 24-30" spacing. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Order 3978T (Treated), or 3978 (Untreated). Avg. 3,200 seeds/lb. 



Cinnamon Girl PMR (F1) Pumpkin Seed (JS Product  ID: 3996) Maturity: 85 days. New! Beautiful ornamental with excellent eating quality. Short vines produce 3-4 fruits/plant, avg. 3-6 lb., with only 24-30" between plants. The dark orange color and strong handles make Cinnamon Girl PMR great for decorations, but it really shines when baked into a sweet, smooth pie filling. Moderate resistance to powdery mildew. Avg. 3,000 seeds/lb. New 2015!




Bonus (A&C88146) (ACX 604G)  A nearly spineless hybrid squash with high quality. A smooth cylindrical, straight fruit with medium green color. Provides excellent yield and matures early. Class Hybrid Zucchini  Brand No Variety Bonus  Maturity Early-Mid Fruit Shape Straight, Cylindrical  Fruit Size 7.5 - 8” Fruit Color Medium Green-Heavy Fleck  Plant Medium Sized Open Plant Disease Tolerance                           IR-PRSV,WMV,ZYMV  Compatible Replacement For Dividend, CashFlow, Payroll  New 2015




Cosmos (A&C88282) (ACX 7002Y) A bright yellow hybrid squash, perfect for shipping with a smooth, sturdy neck fruit and medium bulb. Its vigorous plant provides excellent yield. Very productive!  Class Hybrid Semi-Crookneck Squash  Brand No Maturity Early  Fruit Shape Smooth, Sturdy Neck with Medium Bulb  Fruit Size 6 - 7” Fruit Color             Bright Yellow  Plant                             Strong, Vigorous, Open Bush  Disease Tolerance IR-PRSV,WMV,ZYMV Compatible Replacement For Enterprise, Lioness  New 2015




Soltice (A&C88281) (ACX 7001Y) This bright yellow squash is a proven performer with smooth, straight fruit and an excellent bulb, ideal for straightnecks. Great yield potential on a vigorous plant. Class Hybrid Straightneck Squash  Brand No  Maturity Early  Fruit Shape Smooth, Straight with Medium Bulb  Fruit Size 6 - 7”  Fruit Color Bright Yellow  Plant Strong, Vigorous, Open Bush  Disease Tolerance IR-WMV, ZYMV Compatible Replacement For Enterprise, Lioness  New 2015




Hybrid Pumpkin (A&C1411) Experimental  New 2015




Hybrid Pumpkin (A&C1428) Experimental  New 2015




Hybrid Pumpkin (A&C1435) Experimental  New 2015




Partenon F1 (Semenco) is a medium-green zucchini suitable for field or greenhouse production. Open plant habit with short spines makes it easier harvest. Parthenocarpic. Days to maturity: 48   New 2018.



Safari F1 (Semenco) Green, striped 
You will love these cheerful, slender, striped fruits!!!! They appear glossy and cylidrical. Non vining. Days to maturity: 50  New 2018



Albatök (Semenco) English variety that was brought to the US in 1824 and became one of the most popular zucchini varieties. Albatök yields tasty, light green to almost white squashes. Non vining. Days to maturity: 50  New 2018



Mardi Gras F1 (Semenco) Golden and green colored acorn squash.
This novelty from the US is unique stunning golden and green colored. It bears numerous fruits of approx. 0,8 kg (1,7 lbs). Moderate vining. Days to maturity: 95  New 2018



Stars and Stripes (Semenco) Ornamental is one of the latest originated varieties. The gourds grow up to 8-10 cm (3-4 in). They are sturdy and long-living, means easy to store for you. They come in a beautiful color and a nifty star shape. A noticable addition to your assortment of ornamental gourds. Moderate vining. Days to maturity:90 New 2018




Easy Pick Green Squash (PanAm) Zucchini. Plant habit: spreading, upright. Height: 36-52” (91-132cm) Width: 36-52” (91-132cm) Easy Pick Series is well-matched, smooth-textured and can be grown and marketed together. Open habit with nearly no spines on the petioles for easy and continuous harvest with no pain and less scarring on fruit. Parthenocarpic variety means that plants will produce fruit without insect pollination. Harvest from a very small size with a flower attached. Best in ground. 2019




Easy Pick Gold II (PanAm) Zucchini. Plant habit: spreading, upright. Height: 36-52” (91-132cm) Width: 36-52”(91-132cm). Easy Pick Series is well- matched, smooth-textured and can be grown and marketed together. Open habit with nearly no spines on the petioles for easy and continuous harvests with no pain and less scarring on fruit. Parthenocarpic variety means that plants will produce fruit without insect pollination. Harvest from a very small size with a flower attached. Best in-ground. Mature: 45-50 days. 2019




Lemon Sun Squash (PanAm) Patty Pan. Plant habit: Mounded. Height: 24-36” (61-91cm) Width: 36-54” (91-137cm) Vigorous and strong bush plant habit will produce exceptional yields of uniform, yellow, scalloped, disc-shaped fruit with no green on the blossom end, Fruit are sweet and tender; harvest from baby with the flower attached to full size, 4 to 5 in./10-13 cm wide. Large quantities of male flowers are perfect for frying. Best grown in-ground. Mature 40-45 days. 2019




Renegade (JS) New! Highly uniform with few culls. A reliable producer in an essential size class (medium-large, 40-50 bin count). Striking, rich orange, avg. 14-18 lb. fruits are thick-walled and blocky round. Improved PM resistance over Rival, which it replaces. Strong handle and medium vine. Consistently high marketable yields and very few culls. Ideal for wholesale and roadside stands. Bred by Dr. Brent Loy of the University of New Hampshire. Avg. yield: 2-3 fruits/plant. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. New 2019




Gumdrop (JS) New! A different take on the small jack. Gumdrop gets your attention with rich orange color, a unique flat bottom, and a big, sturdy handle. The avg. 11-13 lb. pumpkins are an ideal size for kids, or for accenting any fall display. Short vine allows 24-30" spacing in-row. Avg. yield: 3-4 fruits/plant. Avg. 2,700 seeds/lb. New 2019





Starry Night PMR Organic (F1)(JS) Acorn Squash Seed New! A delicious acorn that stores through the holidays. Easy to recognize for its unique, pixelated color pattern, and superior to industry-standard green acorns that typically lack flavor and shelf-life. Selected for flavor, Starry Night stays reliably smooth and sweet when stored through the New Year. The vigorous plants have intermediate powdery mildew resistance and a bush habit. Avg. weight: 2–2 1/2 lb. Avg. yield: 5–7 fruits/plant. Organically grown. Avg. 3,000 seeds/lb. Packet: 30 seeds. New 2020





Pipsqueak PMR (F1)(JS) Pumpkin Seed New! Doorstop pumpkin with wild handles. New from Johnny's breeding program, Pipsqueak PMR is a productive, upright small pumpkin with long, curling handles that are sure to get noticed on display. Unique in shape with vivid orange color and strong, dark green handles. Our thanks to the University of New Hampshire and Cornell University for their help in developing this variety. Avg. weight: 4–8 lb. Avg. yield: 5–7 fruits/plant. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Avg. 3,000 seeds/lb. Packet: 30 seeds. New 2020




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