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H=Hammenhög(SW-Weibulls) DG(HSC)= Doug Grant   PI=USDA  Pep&Max=Gatersleben  GN(HSC)=Garth Neal  V=Victor   L=Loy   Welbaum GM=George Moriarty JS=Johnny's Selected Seeds  Lock=Lockhart Seeds, Inc.  HU=Hungnong  R=Rogers/NK(Syngenta).   Peto (Seminis). SAKATA. TAKII. Rupp. Harris Seeds. Stokes. Hollar  Seeds by Design(SbD)  Siegers. HarrisMoran(HM)   A&C=Abbott&Cobb   Mikado Kyowa(Kyowa)  Terranova(Ter) Gautier Semences (GS) NE Seed(NE) Clemente (Cl). Enza Zaden (EZ) Semenco AB (se) PanAm (PA)

This is a list of lines that are to be tested or they have been tested.(20190518). Some lines might not be available and some new ones might be on the way. *=F1 Hybrids


*=F1 Hybrids


Cucurbita moschata


(78)(Buckskin)Libby type  (Peto) : 115 days; Fruit, 18 x 25 cm, 5 kg, dark orange flesh; Rind-buff, fine texture; Plant-large vine; A Kentucky Field hybrid for processing , piefilling. 7-10 days earlier than O.P. strains.  Needs long warm season.


Early Butternut  (Peto). (Twilley) 85 days. All American Selection. Early Butternut type, Attractive fruits have excellent flavor and texture; each provides two servings, Hard rind assures at least 2 month of storage. Heavy-yielding, semi-bush, compact vines; open habit. Needs a long warm season.


Tahitian Melon Squash (K) Needs very very long warm season.


Butternut supreme (Peto). (Twilley) 95 days, Karge fryuts are extremely uniform and attractive, with marked absence of undesirable long necks. Squash average 12x5" with thick necks and typical buff exterior. Long keeper. Commercial/fresh market/home garden.


Green Ball (HU): 65-70 days. This hybrid has shorter internode length than other traditional cultivars. The egg-shaped fruits hold their fresh, attractive appearance well and are very popular in fresh market. Avoid fruit setting at lower nodes hence it tends to reduce the plant growth significantly. Recommended for early spring sowing. Fruit size 12-13cm long and 10-11cm diam. and oval. Weight is 300-400 gms. Skin color Green with Mottled Shoots. Flesh is light yellow.(96)


Fresh Green (HU): 60-65 days: Fresh Green has a high female node ratio and smaller leaves which is ideal for dense planting and higher fruit yield, especially indoors during the winter. Cylindrical fruits grow very fast, reaching 400 grs in 8 Days after flowering. The glossy dark green skin color is favored by many customers in the fresh market. Fresh Green thrives best with generous application of fertilizers. (96)


Nicklow's Delight (F1) (JS): 105 days. Mid-size butternut with disease tolerance. Has shown a significant level of tolerance to black rot (=gummy stem blight). A good yielder of fruit somewhat smaller than Waltham. Avg. Yield 4-5 fruits/plant. (96)


Long Island Cheese: (JS) 108 days. New In 1997. Long Island Heirloom. Medium-large. Flattened, medium-ribbed, suggesting a wheel of cheese. Smooth, tan skin slender woody stem. Deep orange, moderately sweet flesh. Long storage. Something nice and unique for retain. Avg. 6-10 lbs. Avg. Yield: 2 fruits/plant. New 98!


(1212. 99) Musque de provence: (Olsson) flatrund med djupa lodrata veck (ribbed). Mycket dekorativ! Mörkgrön till färgen som blir rödorange när den blir mogen. Sorten är egentligen en ätlig vintersquash. New 99!


Fairytale F1 (Stokes) 110 days. F1 hybrid. Similar in shape to Cinderella but has a unique tan or oak color at maturity. Looks like a wood carving! Large, flat 15 x 6"/36 x a5cm, 15lbs/5kg deeply ridged fruit have delicious flesh for baking. Stores for 3 months. New 00!


Neck Pumpkin (Rupp) 120 days. 18-24” 10lbs. Light Brown Vine. Flesh similar to butternut. Market or processing. New 2002!


Burpee’s Butterbush squash. (Wal-Mart). Compact plants take one quarter of the space of regular, vining types. Produces butternut-shaped winter squash which average 1½ lbs. Each Delicious, deep reddish-orange flesh, Fruiits store well for winter use at 10-12C. in a dry place. New 2004!



La Estrella (Rupp42802)(Don Maynard) ( Univ. of Florida ) Days 125. Fruit size 6- 10 lbs . Color: Green & tan. Vine.  (03)


Butterscotch PMR Organic (F1) Squash Seed (JS Product ID: 3983G) Maturity: 100 days. New! This AAS Award Winner is a delicious, single-serving, mini-butternut. Unusually rich, sweet, starchy flavor for a butternut type. Small 1-2 lb. fruits mature early. Limited storage, best up to 3 months after maturity. Short, space-saving vines resist powdery mildew. Avg. yield: 3-4 fruits/plant. Organically grown. Avg. 5,500 seeds/lb. New 2015!


E30B.00012.  Experimental Butternut squash from Enza Zaden  New 2016


Havana. Butternut squash from Enza Zaden  New 2016 Havana F1 (E30B.00114) Nouvelle butternut très productive et homogène, Résistances IR: Px, ZYMV. Bonne tenue à l’oïdium, Plante Plante coureuse, Semi-précoce, Très productive,Fruit Calibre homogène de 1,1 kg à 1,4 kg, 95 days to maturity. Fruit de couleur beige, légèrement piriforme, Chair de couleur orange intense Petite cavité grainière, Bonne tenue post-récolte, Résultats essais: Havana ressort très nettement de l’essai GRAB 2013. Par rapport aux autres variétés testées, Havana est plus homogène et son rendement est au moins 25% supérieur (avec 3,75 kg/plante). Résultats disponibles sur demande.


E30B.00053. Experimental Butternut squash from Enza Zaden. New 2016


Tiana. Butternut squash from Enza Zaden. New 2016. Organic Non-GMO Tiana F1 Butternut Squash – HYBRID The first organically-available hybrid butternut! Stout blocky shape, classic buff skin and bright orange internal color. Flesh is sweet with smooth with creamy texture. Among the highest yields of marketable fruit in NY and OR trials, showing strong resistance to mildew and best market standards in the trial. Intermediate resistance to ZYMV. Vigorous and productive · 2-2.5 lbs (Cucurbita moschata) Days to maturity: 90 days





Butterbaby Squash.(PanAm) Butternut squash. Plant habit: spreading, trailing. Height: 8-12” (20-30cm) Width: 84-120”(213-305cm). Produces many sweet, personal-size butternuts. High proportion of uniform fruit-around 1 lb./454g each-means less grading for the fresh market farmer and satisfaction for home gardener. Best in-ground; can be grown on a trellis to save even more space. Days to maturity. 100 to 105 days. 2019



Autumn Frost. (PanAm)Butternut squash. A large butternut with ornamental value. 2019



Honeynut (PanAm) Mini Butternut squash. Produces exceptionally sweet, small fruit that are manageable to prepare. The first widely adaptable small-fruited butternut squash in a high-germinating, uniform strain. Higher yielding than traditional varieties. Best in-ground. 105-110 days. 0.5-1 lb/227-680 g. New 2019


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