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H=Hammenhög(SW-Weibulls) DG(HSC)= Doug Grant   PI=USDA  Pep&Max=Gatersleben  GN(HSC)=Garth Neal  V=Victor   L=Loy   Welbaum GM=George Moriarty JS=Johnny's Selected Seeds  Lock=Lockhart Seeds, Inc.  HU=Hungnong  R=Rogers/NK(Syngenta).   Peto (Seminis). SAKATA. TAKII. Rupp. Harris Seeds. Stokes. Hollar  Seeds by Design(SbD)  Siegers. HarrisMoran(HM)   A&C=Abbott&Cobb   Mikado Kyowa(Kyowa)  Terranova(Ter) Gautier Semences (GS) NE Seed(NE) Clemente (Cl). Enza Zaden (EZ) Semenco AB (se) PanAm (PA)

This is a list of lines that are to be tested or they have been tested.(20190518). Some lines might not be available and some new ones might be on the way.


*=F1 Hybrids




Cucurbita ficifolia


Hungarie  (M)  Fig leaf pumpkin.  Does well.


Fig Leaf Pumpkin (HSC) New 2012!



Lagenaria siceraria


Tiny Bottle: (JS) 125 days. Miniature version of Bottle or Birdhouse gourd. Avg. 7-8" tall. Matures late!!! Plant early in short seasons. New 99!


Bottle or Birdhouse  (JS) 125 days. Useful, big gourd. Avg. 10-12". Large round bottom section connected with a narrower neck to a smaller round upper section. Harvest when the smooth, greenish rind turns white or starts to brown. Dry for durable bottles, birdhouses, etc. Matures late!! Plant early in short seasons. New 99!


Apple. (JS). 110 days. Unusual gourds with familiar shape. This apple-shaped gourd is one of the most unusual of the hard-shelled gourd. 4-7½ lbs. Fruits are mottled dark green when fresh, turning brown when dried. These fun gourds can be dried, then painted or stained red to resemble a large apple, made into birdhouses; or used in myriad other gourd crafts. Earlier than most hard-shelled gourds (New 2001) .


Caveman's Club/Maranka: (JS) 125 days. Primitive-looking club-shaped gourd. Fantastic and prehistoric looking 12-18" gourd with an oblong. Deeply veined club and narrow handle. Fresh skin color varies from dark green to dark green with light green variegation. Grow on a trellis for straight necks. Use to enliven fall displays and for personal protection. Dry for crafts. Etc. Note: Matures late! Plant early in areas with short seasons. (NEW 2001)


Speckled Swan: (JS) 125 days. Whimsical ornamental. Uniquely attractive gourds reminiscent of swans with their necks curved down towards their bodies. Fresh skin color is dark green, with light green speckles. 10-12" from curve in neck to base of fruit. Fun for children. A few fruits will have necks that do not bulb. TIP: plant some near your "Plant some near your "you pick" pumpkin patch to increase fall sales. Dry for crafts, etc. NOTE: Matures late! Plant early in area with short seasons. (NEW 2001).


Dipper: (JS) 125 days. For Ladles, dippers. Blossom end is avg. 4" oval-round, attached to a 12" or longer narrower "handle". Dry for Durable utensils. Crafts. NOTE: Matures late! Plant early in short seasons. (NEW 2001).



Italian Edible. (Lock) (Cucuzzi) 4 to 5”(10-12cm) diameter, 2 to 3 feet long (60-90cm), young fruits are edible, becoming hard shelled at maturity. (03)


Bushel. (Lock). One of the world’s largest gourds. Easy to grow, unique and beautiful, will reach 12-18” diameter. 60 to 100 lb. weights are attainable, vines are large and vigorous. New 2004!


Corsican (JS2435). 125 days. *Round flattened gourd growing up to 12” in diameter. Medium green when mature, tan when dried. Traditionally used to make boxes or shallow bowls. Also called Sugar Gourd. NOTE: Matures late! Plant early in short season areas. New 2004!






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