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Cucurbitaceae 2006 - Asheville, NC

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06091778.jpg (69625 byte)06091826.jpg (53055 byte) Park Grove Inn, where the conference was held.

Biltmore Estate, one of the sights to see in the area.

60919005.jpg (54996 byte)60919011.jpg (67246 byte) Field trip.

Dr. & Mrs. Maynard preparing to go into the field.

60919015.jpg (59871 byte)60919035.jpg (68335 byte) Gerald Holmes explaining the trials.

Demonstration plots.

60919116.jpg (63296 byte)60919191.jpg (67658 byte) Larry Hollar, Holler Seeds; Peggy & Roger Rupp, Rupp Seeds; Brent Loy, University of New Hampshire.

Visit to the farmers market.

60919203.jpg (67117 byte)60919207.jpg (80081 byte) The Lehmanns at the farmers market.

Pumpkins for sale at the farmers market.

60919213.jpg (65528 byte)60919224.jpg (69006 byte) Some green-striped cushaws at the farmers market.

A REAL pumpkin and squash display at the farmers market.

60919200.jpg (53618 byte)60919143.jpg (74340 byte) Doug Grant, Hybrid Seed Company New Zealand and Louie at the farmers market.

Rob Johnson, Johnny's Selected Seeds and Tom André, Cucurbita Network.



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